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Liminal Group is a private integrated business entity dedicated to maximizing innovative & sustainable growth for clients while contributing to a more conscious and purposeful future.

Our mission revolves around purposeful people + planet conscious product, brand, and innovation development. We navigate this journey through multiple strategic & tactical organizations ensuring simple and cohesive approach strategies to maximize innovative success, increasing topline growth leaving a positive impact on both business and society simultaneously.

/ˈlimənəl/  The transitional or initial stage of a process or transformation

Our Brands

Seeley Logo TEst_2x.png

A Strategic Product & Brand Development Company

Helping organizations Clarify, Navigate, & Deliver innovative products & cohesive brand experiences for strategic growth.

Zibra Web Snap 2_1744x1156_2.png

A Tactical Brand Development & Delivery Company

Helping innovative companies connect to their people by igniting the most powerful human motive, Emotion.

Sustainnovation Long Logo_2x.png

A Sustainability Focused Innovation Company

Helping organizations convert sustainability needs into strategic opportunities for growth.

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